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Dion and Cynthia Whelan and their two children live on $31,000 a year. Here's what it gets them: They live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings, replica oakley sunglasses other than a Christmas fund that they raid for emergencies. Their 17-year-old daughter must seek grants and loans to attend college next year. The family's one car, a 1993 Lumina, has 81,000 miles on the odometer. There is a hole in their dining fake oakleys room ceiling, they had to refinance their Southwest Side home to replace the roof, and it has taken Dion 10 years to remodel the bathroom.

Kataka Page paid $100 for a pair of Nike Air Jordans in 1990. Thursday, after more than a few basketball pick-up games and seven years of wear, he walked into a fake oakley sunglasses Schaumburg hotel and got his $100 back. He wasn't the only one who left smiling from what amounted to an entrepreneur's version of a Salvation Army drop-off that runs through Saturday at the Schaumburg Radisson Hotel. For three days, American businessmen trying to make a buck off Japanese teenagers' obsession cheap oakleys with old Nike shoes and other hot clothes are buying the items at top dollar.

Grupo Cuervo is betting that a mix of agricultural techniques pioneered by the Aztecs and satellite technology will ensure its future as Mexico's biggest tequila maker. The 200-year old company, which uses centuries-old techniques to cultivate and harvest agaves--the cactus-like plant from which tequila is extracted--has added a twist of modern technology to tequila cheap oakley sunglasses making. The company now uses satellites to count how many agave plants are being cultivated in the arid tequila region some 370 miles west of Mexico City and how many are ripe for production.

The Bears don't have a prayer. Not with the way the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers are playing high stakes both on and off the field. Just when it appeared the Bears were headed in the right direction toward physical parity with the big boys of the National Football Conference, Mike McCaskey's Mom & Pop discount oakley sunglasses financial operation simply doesn't measure up. While Dallas was trouncing the New York Giants 35-0 Monday night, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones announced a joint venture between the Cowboys and Nike shoes.

Illinois and Nike have agreed in principle to a multimillion-dollar apparel deal that covers the entire Illini sports program, placing the school among a handful of universities nationally that have struck such far-reaching arrangements. Only about a dozen institutions--including Michigan, Penn State, UCLA and North Carolina--have signed such contracts replica oakley sunglasses with sportswear companies. Athletic directors have hailed the pacts as big sources of new money that can help pay for non-revenue sports, especially underfunded women's programs.

The mystery over who pulverized the clubhouse Ping-Pong table during Thursday's loss to California has amateur criminologists baffled. While a new table was being constructed, yellow police tape with "Do Not Enter" on it was placed around the crime scene, with the alleged bat used in the incident marked as "Exhibit A." Former Sox slugger Bo Jackson issued a denial from the Angels clubhouse, saying: "I don't think I could have oakley sunglasses discount gone from this place to that place and done the dirty deed in that amount of time.